National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

Ease the (re)certification process for EMTs

Organize a high volume of information resources

Update an existing UI while also providing a second and adopted concept

After an extensive re-architecture of the aging National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) site, a new visual language was needed to update the accumulating information as well as new functionality. In addition to researching the process for becoming an EMT, the site is growing with its ability to conduct on-line courses and allow electronic registration.

The new design and interface accommodates the most important user roles first while being flexible enough to include content editors, administrators, etc. Though the curvilinear design presents a implementation challenge, the concept was iterated to conform to the content management system’s abilities.

Creative director: Corey Tomasso, Interactive architect: Adam Clark

—Provided a striking difference to the more conservative concept with immediate access log on and certification

—Visualize the progress through certification with information graphics

—Complete the original concept using the new architecture document