Enable easy access to evolving information on bankruptcy and class action case

Apply new identity to promote company products and services

Organize information into expanding chunks of manageable reading

The client requested everything from a new logo to e-mail signatures. A team of two designed and produced materials encompassing both print and electronic media for a legal services company whose service niche in the marketplace isn't all that easy to appreciate. Working closely with a client team that actually spanned multiple states, all the materials produced for the company took on a consistency that speaks to a good identity system.

Art Director: Stacy Buttari

—Home page makes a big splash with the new identity while placing the logo in an atypical location

—Analysis of the users, products, and services helps define the new site structure

—The new logotype (refined and finished by S. Buttari) appealed to the client for a number of reasons including "owning" yellow among competitors