NationWide Health

Site architecture and production of health insurance products web site

Intregrated new corporate-wide site identity

Coordinated team to complete production for major relaunch of all corporate web assets

The comparatively small health division of Nationwide Insurance was faced with the challenge of updating its entire site to a new corporate interface standard. The new standard also required rethinking the entire content structure. A major shift to a user goal-oriented hierarchy influenced the navigation and process. The end result is a site that caters to novices, but also provides quick access for experts. The overall project process included enabling collaborative content collection and efficient production workflow.

Team: Karen Sturgil, Sue Evans, Beth Westhoff, Pat Payne, Nina Baluyut

—The re-architected site had to incorporate the new web identity standards to work seemlessly with the other corporate units

—The enire experience was reorganized based on who the user or entity is rather than a list of insurance products

—The UX helps find a destination rather than making the user navigate through a deep structure