Columbus College of art & design

UX/UI and motion

Simply re-ranking the confusing navigation brought the most important users to the top: potential students and their parents

The Columbus College of Art & Design wanted the public site "re-skinned." The content and structure existed, but the look did not reflect the college's image. A new interface and visual language was designed to easily retrofit an entire site that consisted of mostly information. Also, dynamic content was integrated into the home page. To improve usability, the main navigation was reworked to improve visibility. Subtle animation was introduced to help with a user's awareness of her location.

Art Director: Oscar Fernández, Developer: Christopher Rathburn

Visit proof of concept site (get a bachelor of fine arts + fine arts active)

—The redesign brought in up-to-date elements and "channels" to experience CCAD

—Novel at the time, using motion to open a navigation menu that let the viewer know that content may be pushed out of view

—A web-standards template was produced to allow a web production freelancer to reformat all the pages and conform to the new standards

—Reordering the navigation was an important first step in prioritizing user desires over institutional biases