state medical board of OHIO

Web site UX/UI to enable medical relicensing and patient malpractice complaints

Create open system for employees to complete and add to the site

Train employees on best design practices when updating site

The state medical board of Ohio site contains an overwhelming amount of information, but two functions are paramount: renewing practitioner licenses and gathering consumer complaints. Interviews and focus groups were conducted to understand the various roles and relative importance of information.

The client was led through a complete design process: research, site architecture, concepts and production. Though only a couple pages were built for production, the intent was to deliver a working model of key areas so that internal personnel could finish the project based on the template. A day of training the staff to use the design and the tools concluded the project and hand off.

—The client suggest that the design should not look to sophisticated (translation: expensive looking given state budgets)

—The site is used by many types of users who all have very different reasons for using it

—Malpractice is a serious undertaking and the streamlined complaint form makes the process reflect that