Engine Room

Published web app UX/UI

Interdisciplinery team collaboration

Licensed by MoreSteam

Google purchased 200+ licenses

Statistical software is generally engineered for statisticians. As niche software, it is technical and complicated intended for a user who is already very familiar with the tools of statistical analysis. Highly specialized software is often, if not always, poorly designed from a user interface perspective. The client, MoreSteam, has an ambitious goal to make statistical analysis more user friendly, experimental and sharable. Additionally, MoreSteam chose to exploit the latest web standards to create a statistical software package that exists purely as a web application.

EngineRoom is a new web-based stats package based on the firm's legacy product of the same name, which exists as a powerful, though cumbersome, plugin for Microsoft Excel. Internally, the MoreSteam team has the expertise to develop and deploy such a product, but realized the importance of good UI/UX in order to reach a broader audience of those who are new to stats, like students, or those who occasionally require statistical analysis but do not have a need to master it. To help in this area, MoreSteam added Andre Mūrnieks as a design consultant embedded with the development team for an intensive series of sessions to brainstorm and produce a model for the new web interface.

—Web-based professional software based on R.

—Drag-and-drop elements support user exploration.

—Clusters of hexangonal elements represent varying methods of statistical analysis.

—Early client "before" mock-up used as functional inspiration for user interface.

—Different methods of analysis can be created, compared, stored or discarded.

—UI makes use of motion for transitions between interative states.