RPA Interactive Showcase

UI/UX of unique environment for demonstrating interactive work

To showcase RPA’s interactive abilities to visiting clients, a space was created for the demonstration of interactive projects. Instead of overwhelming clients with technology, they are presented with videos representing the land, the sea and the sky. A hidden audio system plays sounds from nature. Touching any of the screens brings the system to life with a menu that allows the presenter to select a demo. Technology is subdued as potential clients enter the world of new media until the system comes to life with a touch of a finger.

—Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted with video and sounds of nature

—Each of the screens responds to touch but only allow for one to be active at a time

—The different interactive pieces are organized in three categories

—The interface is minimal, but the coordination and coding of the system is elaborate

—The interface coaxes visitors to attend to the active screen