Web Design

UX/UI for web-based apps and sites for mobile and desktop browsers

Interactivity, form, color, typography and hierarchy through HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

Fall 2015 syllabus

Web design is structured to provide experience in the area of interactive visual communication and technical web planning, design and presentation. Students apply course principles by creating mobile interactive web sites that integrate navigational elements with images, sound, and motion, founded on strong design, typographic theory and process.

—Project: My favorite letterform (H. Cramer, L. Komos, C. Hancuch, A. Wagner)

Design and layout a visual presentation (“iPad poster”) depicting your favorite letterform in a pleasing vertical or horizontal layout. This assignment focuses on understanding and manipulating screen-based media with particular emphasis on type and hierarchy.

—A. Leonardo taking sketches and digital compositions to a functional web app

—Project: Interactive symbol set (L. Komos, S. Wulz, S. O'Connor, A. Leonardo, M. Massa)

Create a mobile interactive learning, gaming, or informative app using touch (and clicks) as a method for exploring, configuring or discoing solutions. This assignment builds on the previous assignment and introduces interactive manipulation of content using simple gesture input.

—Project: Personal portfolio (E. Zadigian, S. O'Connor, M. Harris, E. Rice)

Assemble a multi-screen presentation of personal design work suited for mobile or browser delivery. This assignment stresses the structure and flow of information with the intention of building a basic multi-screen, navigable environment.

—Project: Web app system interface: Early Autism Detection, Hospital Discharge Process, Plastics Vacuum Control, Athlete Concussion Evaluation

Redesign a web-based control interface to enhance the user's interaction with a community, system or device (possibly increasing productivity). Investigate and document ways in which a handheld, mobile platform can integrate into a workflow. This assignment furthers the notion of a mobile app platform as a host for touch-based screen interface interacting and controlling an information-based system.