Protect athletes from concussion re-injury

Tablet-based app to be used on the field

Research and documentation on site Contect executive team, high school trainers and a speech pathologist

UI/UX director of speech-based concussion evaluation mobile app for athletes called Contect. Executed classroom web-based research project in collaboration with Innovation Park incubation client, Shane McQuillan, President of Contect.

—Concept for detecting a concussion using speech utterances from an athlete (L. Komos)

—Presenting prototype to our sponsoring client (N. Brooks & B. McCloskey)

—Diagramming the Contect concussion system model (K. Vilbig)

—Discussing how an utterance can reveal a possible concussion with a speech pathologist

—Current machine interface with controls too small for the typical operator

—Visualizations for the key speech indicators of concussion (B. McCloskey )