early detection of autism

Evoke utterances from children for speech analysis to diagnose autism early

Computer science sponsored project

UI/UX responding to touch and speech

Research and discovery with autism expert, Dr. Susan Latham at St. Mary's

UI/UX creative director for an early detection autism diagnostic tool. Executed classroom web-based research project in collaboration with Dr. Christian Poellabauer of computer science at Notre Dame and with contributions from Dr. Susan Latham, autism spectrum specialist at St. Mary's College.

—Prototype concept utilizing speech as primary navigational control (E. Sweeney, E. Zadigian)

—User experience is constructed around specif terms (phonemes) that can be analyzed (M. Harris, L. Moulton, E. Rice)

—Research revealed the appeal of the mechanical workings of object appealing to autism spectrum children (S. Cho, J. Chung)

—Collaborative teams prepare web-based prototypes for demonstration on mobile devices

—Architecture of the game and narrative allow for a diversity of novel and engaging situations appealing to the user (M. Harris, L. Moulton, E. Rice)

—Different methods of analysis can be created, compared, stored or discarded. (M. Harris, L. Moulton, E. Rice)

—Establishing game-play standards for an interface that is intended for children too young to read (M. Harris, L. Moulton, E. Rice)

—Demonstrating the Adventure of Beep-Bop to the client and discussing design opportunities (M. Harris, L. Moulton, E. Rice)