Kodak Worldwide

Interactive design and production of 300 screen retail interior program

Rather than a lengthly printed document, the interactive style guide allows for easy navigation and it is also searchable

A modular retail interior program was designed for Kodak retail shops worldwide. To make the configuration of new shops simple and visually accurate, an interactive CD-ROM was designed for the sales force. The design guide allows the user to view a variety store setups in plan view and rendered in 3D. A worksheet allows the viewer to see fixture, lighting and flooring options.

Designers: Todd Yuzwa, Tom Enesey, Alan Wier

—Users may choose a retail program based on type and size

—Every conceivable interior element is detailed

—Multiple 3D mocked up stores at different sizes are viewable with all fixtures located and specified

—Interior views show the detail including the merchandising of each product

—Signage is further defined with a scale comparison

—Floor covering choices are also included in an interesting view

—Each mock store layout is also tabulated for an estimate of all fixtures