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Lagging behind the rest of the insurance companies, Nationwide was exploring how to implement an on-line auto insurance quoting application. A prototype for user testing was needed that could be easily and quickly updated but yet appear convincingly finished to the tester.

Using the established visual, interactive, brand and wireframed guidelines, the prototype was the first “real” culmination of all this previous work. It is built in Flash for rapid development, but is intended to represent HTML, and the tester was none the wiser.

After the initial testing, subsequent updates were made based on the user feedback. Testing data was first sought to confirm the overall flow and process of quoting, but later iterations would focus on interface, interaction, motion, copy and even marketing elements.

Visit the prototype used during the testing sessions

Nationwide: Prototyping & User Testing

The prototype not only looks real, but it “feels” real with highly functional elements that expressed accurate input and feedback—many times with motion

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