Advanced Interactive



The quarter-long assignment is essentially to devise and create a multimedia application. Students will analyze the inherent qualities of interactive media and use it as a means to design and construct an interactive representation.

The content should be focused on an issue that benefits from visualization and interaction. It should in some way, challenge current conventions. The "program" should offer multiple paths of navigation and explore how information design becomes interaction design.

K. Simmons’ “How am I Wired” depicts the effects of caffeine on the body. The user can directly compare the amount of caffeine found in various foods and drinks visually.

The structure of the course is reflected in the syllabus, schedule and project handout. Portions of syllabus are directly inspired from past sessions taught by Professor Stone.

Interactive Design

GPS wayfinding for the elderly, getting started with scuba diving, and the effects of caffeine are some of the topics reinterpreted

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