Web Design Process



As part of the minor in design at Ohio State, students may elect to take a course on web design. Since the students’ majors are diverse, a team approach to the entire web collaborative process is taught. The different roles that are part of designing for the web are stressed to make the course content applicable to marketing, computer science, business, etc.

Students start by writing a proposal, identifying the user, and creating a site architecture. From there, they create concepts and then build a site prototype. Finally, they complete printed documentation of the entire process.

Though the teams’ website prototypes may not survive after the term, the process does—plus it is a portfolio piece that shows research, approach and process. Four examples of student’s process documentation include: On The Lake Products, Whole Foods, The Wood Companies Real Estate, and The Knowlton School of Architecture.

Information about the courses structure are reflected in the syllabus, schedule,  and project documents. The deliverables are detailed in the proposal, architecture, concept, prototype and documentation documents.

Web Design Process

In addition to the completed web-based prototype, students present and document the process

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