Type In Motion



Intended as a further exploration of typography, students work for the first time with time-based media. The first two assignments look much like a traditional design project focusing on craft.

In fact, eliminating all the typical tools of the visual communication designer, students endeavor to produce meaning with only motion as in the case of the verbal equation and the animated antonym. With the final kinetic poster, the musical soundtrack becomes the “grid” on which students distribute information in time.

Continuing to expand the course developed by Professor Stone, our intention is for students to have experience with modes of communication beyond just the visual. It is becoming essential to the design discipline.

The structure of the course is reflected in the syllabus and the handouts for project 1, project 2 and project 3.

“Type In Motion”

Students work to complete three projects: verbal equations, animated antonyms, and a kinetic poster

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