basic 3D design studio



The three-dimensional experience culminates in a final project: a mechanically articulated toy animal. The first step is a group research and analysis of animal forms and behaviors and how that might be translated into a small, hand manipulated toy for small children (age range 3 – 5 years old) as seen in Sun Ki’s toy lobster.

Then each student works to conceptualize and design the product with a child’s usability concerns in mind. At the same time, a functional mock-up of the working internal mechanism is fabricated to inform the aesthetics of the operational toy. For the critique, M. Pasternack demonstrates to special guests. A information-based poster accompanies the prototype documenting the interactivity and behavioral motion of the toy.

The project also coincides with the program’s shop department training so that every student designer is familiar with the tools and procedures to build the prototype as demonstrated in G. Goodwin’s shop drawings.

See more about this course concerning design research. The structure of the course is reflected in the syllabus.

Beginning 3D Exercises in Design: Research + Process

Shop drawings derived from concept; presentation to target audience; prototype of toy with articulated claws and tail; course documentation (G. Goodwin)

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