basic 3D design studio



All first year design students (industrial, interior and visual communication) experience the same series of foundation exercises to reinforce drawing and conceptual skills that translate to three dimensional form and space.

In this second phase of the sophomore year, the focus shifts to form making and spatial representation. Through background research and rendering, students are then asked to “draw with with wire” in three dimensions as seen in the hybrid cultural mask by G. Goodwin. The next iteration of the mask explores complex surfaces as seen in J. Inglis’ mask in bristol.

Next, the task becomes more open-ended as students look to nature for patterns and structures that lend themselves to cellular tessellation. Students are also encouraged to see the structure from an environmental point of view as in C. Christian’s example.

See more about this course concerning design process. The structure of the course is reflected in the syllabus.

Beginning 3D Exercises in Design: Research + Process

Working in 3D: wire contour, bristol surface and structural tessellation

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