basic 2D design studio



All first year design students (industrial, interior and visual communication) experience the same series of foundation exercises to reinforce drawing skills and promote thorough ideation with multiple concepts.

With each topic and project, there is also an information gathering component to engage students in a research phase regarding the subject matter as seen K. Maeng’s exploration of the five senses, G. Goodwin’s honey bee line icon, and N. Starrett’s translation of six terms into three dimensional visualizations.

To expand observational drawing skills, a large sketchbook was added to the list of required materials. A series of outdoor “landscape” assignments requires students to express form, space and user interaction.

The structure of the course is reflected in the syllabus.

Beginning Exercises in Design: Drawing + Ideation

Exploring the five sensory modalities literally, symbolically and abstractly; 2D to 3D translations; line icons; pumpkin planar tonal translations

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