Using the university’s course management system, students are required to hunt down design using the clues provided. This method of discovery takes them beyond the lecture setting looking for artifacts and information relating to design. The clues may lead them to actual objects, web sites, events or even the trash left over after a meal.

Students are encouraged to start thinking critically about composing their photographs. Krystle Short and Stephen Persinger consider the framing of both required subjects: themselves and the chair. Victoria Starbuck takes it one step further to a series of four frames: frame 1, frame 2, frame 3 and frame 4. Another assignment asks for students to show their study environments with an optional annoying roommate. Anne Shackleford captures the emotion and action in a very compelling manner.

As reflected in the syllabus, the course is structured to engage students every week with work inside and outside of lecture.

Also, studio activities in a lecture setting…

Snapshots: Hunting Down Design

Find the academic counselor, the Barcelona chair, and a building by Philip Johnson

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