It might be a lecture formated class, but how can students experience something close to industrial design process and practice? The answer: a problems statement, teams, user analysis, brainstorming, sketching, peer presentation, and finally…build it.

In addition to the industrial design activity, students also design the interior of a local restaurant and create an identity for a real logo design contest offering prize money.

Many of the students in this entry level design survey course are first quarter freshman or otherwise very new to university study, and the work they do is intended to be experience driven.

As reflected in the syllabus, the course is structured to engage students every week with work inside and outside of lecture.

Also, hunting down design with “Snapshots…”

“Non-Lecture:” In Class Studio Activities

Crayola modeling clay isn’t just for kids—students use the clay and anything else they have to create three dimensional representations of the group’s concept

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