Design systems



Applying a design system enables a designer to envision not a single image but an indeterminate sequence of interrelated visual images. Visual compositions based on a design system are unified visually and work both individually and as a sequence. Design systems are created by applying constants and variables to defined visual modules.

Analysis starts with drawing and photography as seen with a literal rendering of a leaf by M. Clenney. Next is a synthesis, somewhat abstracted, but related to the leaf form shown in C. Kujawski’s mark. Finally a sequence of logical and cohesive frames is designed using the core elements of the mark as shown in frame three of C. Gettler’s interpretation.

Assignment © 2006 M. Zender, modified by Y.Wang, 2007, and R. Seward 2009

Visual Design Systems

Sophomores prepare for advanced digital design: three-dimensional realism, abstraction, sequencing, motion and flow

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