Smart Temps

Improve work flow to promote food safety

Specialized hand-held mobile device redesign

UI/UX to improve device ergonomics

Research and discovery with Stay Metrics executive team

UI/UX director for a food safety probe and employee experience. Executed a classroom, mobile-based research project in collaboration with Smart Temps' executive team including CEO Richard Florea and COO Mike McKay.

—Interface concept for the Smart Temps food temperature probe using information graphics to guide the user (A. Leonardo)

—Interface must help the food worker do the job—not be a technological burden

—Prototype of re-imagined interface combing the best of the group's individual concepts (M. Massa, E. Murphy, S. O'Connor)

—Wireframing the task flow for redesigned typical usage (J. Bai, K. Heit, A. Leonardo, A. Wagner)

—Food must be within a certain range of temperature, so both a digital and analog goal state make the task easier (K. McKenna)